What does sustainable design mean to you?

What’s SHIFT?

SHIFT is an event where ten presenters briefly share their observations, ideas and even challenges in shaping the future of sustainable design. The goal of SHIFT events is to inform, inspire and engage peers, clients and students about sustainable design thinking and practices.

What goes on at SHIFT?

Ten presenters share about a 5 minute presentation each. The evening also includes mingling, Q&A, local snacks, and free beer with your own mug.

Photo by Toto Vo

What have past SHIFT events been like?

Since 2009, SHIFT has shared the mic with over 70 presenters at 8 events, including a special edition at WebVisions 2011. Check out previous presentations and speakers here: SHIFT 1SHIFT 2, SHIFT 3, SHIFT 4, SHIFT 5, SHIFT 6, SHIFT 7 and WebVisions SHIFT Deluxe 2012.

When’s the next SHIFT?

Check out our calendar and/or sign up for our email newsletter to find out about the next SHIFT.

Photo by Toto Vo

The Mission of AIGA Portland’s Sustainability Committee

We strive to empower creative professionals to be catalysts for positive change, and encourage integration into design solutions The Living Principles’ framework that considers individuals, planet, society and business for a healthy, fair and prosperous future for all.

For more information, contact Martha Koenig, AIGA Portland Sustainability/Design for Good Co-chair.


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